RAC Youth Experimentation with Tariq Tamir (Mr.T)

Kids from 9-12 years-of-age can enjoy some alternative art material inspiration this summer at Riverside Arts Center with instructor Tariq Tamir (Mr. T).  Toyday is a Tuesday 5:00 to 7:00pm class starting  June 13th and focuses on using found objects as a catalyst for artmaking.  In this 5-week assemblage class artists will be repurposing old toys and other common objects.  Toyday takes place in a studio lab environment committed to experimentation  and continual reinvention.

This class runs for 5-weeks.  More information or to register for this class or any other classes go to www.riversideartscenter.com.  Riverside Art Center is located at 32 E Quincy Street, Riverside, IL.



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