MAKING PILGRIMAGE TO SACRED SITES presented by ROBERT DUBIEL, INTUITIVE COACH and GLOBAL SHAMAN  Traditionally we go on pilgrimage for several reasons: as a form of cleansing and purification; to gain energy from places of power; and to honor the Earth herself. For the past 3 decades Robert Dubiel has been guided to visit many famous sites, including Lourdes and Fatima in Europe and Angkor Wat in Asia. He feels that it is also good to visit places closer to home, such as Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis and Serpent Mounds in Ohio. Whenever we approach these places with reverence, we benefit both ourselves and the Earth on which we live.

In this discussion Robert will offer both his personal experiences and a guided meditation to help us to connect deeper with places of power, both local and global. The Earth is alive – we can learn to feel her power wherever we are!  For more information on Robert’s background and perspectives, visit his website at www.zarobert.com

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