Canine Influenza Vaccine Clinic

You’ve likely heard about the recent epidemic of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease in the Chicagoland area. Canine Influenza (or dog flu) is a serious illness that starts as a cough but can quickly move to pneumonia. Though not contagious to humans, it is easily transmitted among animals. Due to the seriousness of this outbreak, and especially if your pet currently spends or will spend a lot of time with other dogs (such as in a boarding kennel or at doggie daycare), we recommend he or she receive this two-part vaccine. Boone Animal Hospital is proud to offer this service to the furry members of our community. Free wellness exam and $29 vaccine charge.

If you are interested in having your dog vaccinated, visit our upcoming vaccine clinics. There will be two clinics for the first vaccine April 11 and April 18 both 12:00-2:00 with the second booster vaccine on May 9th 11:00-2:00. The exam is free and the vaccine is $29. Please spread the word with family and friends who have dogs, so we can help prevent further spread of the virus!

The doctors and staff at Boone Animal Hospital

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