Large cage for small animals w/ stand – Free – and small cage

Would like to give away a Midwest Critter Nation animal cage, with stand (still sold on Amazon).
The cage is 24″ deep x 24″ high x 36″ wide, with two doors that open all the way, allowing removal of the tray that holds the animal bedding.  We used it for our pet rats and it was a very comfortable size for them.  We had a special, deep (2-3″) metal tray made for the cage, which allows more bedding to be used and is far neater than the plastic tray that came with the cage.  With the stand – which is on wheels/casters and has a shelf – the cage is 39″ high.
We also have a smaller cage (24″ x 12″ x 15″ high) that has a ramp and second level which could be used as a permanent home for a small animal, though we used it as a portable cage for the rats.

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