The lawsuit is gone… Long live the promised investigation ?

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    Below is a note from July, 2012, when Cook County Circuit Judge Leroy Martin, Jr. dismissed the National Taxpayers / Tony Peraica lawsuit against RB District 208, which dismissal the Appellate Court upheld last Thursday. That was the “nagging lawsuit” referred to in the 2012 post from which this part is excerpted. A majority of board members said in 2011 that they favored an investigation into the illegal campaigning, but they would not investigate while the lawsuit hung over their heads. I suggest all of us encourage plaintiffs to neither re-file nor appeal, so this case will die, and the postponed investigation can finally get underway. Tim Scanlon is laughing at us with his monthly pension, he is no longer this community’s concern. But no teacher or administrator who illicitly campaigned on RB property or using RB resources should evade responsibility and accountability for their actions.

    From July 2012:

    Tim (Scanlon) Runs Illicit Campaign

    [(Former RB administrator Tim Scanlon’s) leadership of the 2005-2006 building fund referendum campaign (was an early example of his Riverside-Brookfield High School political organizing). He and a (then-)board member led “Citizens for Riverside Brookfield High School Building Excellence / Pride in RB,” which was the de facto (2006-2007) campaign committee to pass the building fund tax rate hike to finance the (construction program’s) needed bonds…]

    …As the Landmark reported on March 22, 2011, Tim’s most outrageous breach as our “man behind the curtain” was violating Illinois law to run a political campaign out of our high school. In 2010-11, Tim was the campaign manager for the biggest tax-hike in local history. According to all who attended, he was happy about it at numerous Saturday morning planning meetings, because the new taxes would channel funds right to his union friends.

    Tim, from our (RB) offices, illicitly deployed personnel, equipment, facilities and even students to hike our taxes. Such was Tim’s gratitude for our boosting his salary from $125,000 in 2009, to $150,000 in 2011, and on to more than $160,000 for the just-completed year. I guess that in Tim’s view, we had only begun to pay.

    The community can take solace that Tim did not teach political science. His team won only one out of every five votes cast in the April 2011 referendum. Three of four board members elected were opposed or neutral on the referendum. Of four referendum-supporting candidates, voters elected but one.

    But despite his side’s repudiation, Tim’s offense remains. And because of his gross dereliction, the school has had to defend against a nagging lawsuit while it ill advisedly refuses to investigate fully the independently reported improprieties. It is another Scanlon mess that saps effort in the present and delays the needed renewal on which RB’s future depends.

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