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    Keep Politics Out of Our Schools! Vote to Save My Schools! Vote for Sharon, Marge & Shannon They will keep Politics out of our schools and look out for the best interest of the School, Community and MOST Important the CHILDREN. They are Running for School Board for the RIGHT reasons and not for Political reasons. The Current Board (Minus Sharon & Joanne) are running our district into the ground and endangering our children and staff. Please do NOT vote Red…. 2 of the three of them are currently on the board and are part of the problem… The third is not involved in the schools at all and has never even attended a board meeting. I am only a parent and I attend countless meetings because I want to be informed about my childrens school. I am also a volunteer and part of the parent & Teacher Group at my kids schools… One of them is NOT …. Vote for whoever you want but please take the time to do some research about the 6 candidates and make an educated vote. Our Childrens Future, Our Tax Dollars & Property values depend on it.
    Here is a great article….
    Snollygoster in District 103? It’s Your Choice
    Also Google Sd103 Read the Riverside Brookfield Landmark articles….
    – Middle School Student Bringing Brass Knuckles & Switch Blade to School… Child got a slap on the hand and Students are scared to go to school.
    – No Electric at one of the elementary buildings and parents were NOT notified…. All it would have taken was a simple all call to the parents of that school on the System we paid to have installed. Oh and ALL kids were kept in the cold (Lower than State required Temp) gym.
    – Red Candidates didn’t attend the meet the candidates forum to introduce themselves to us, the voters. And then LIED,saying they didn’t know about it…. There is PROOF they knew about it! Don’t Lie, you will always get caught. If you don’t care enough to go just tell us you don’t want to go….
    – Asbestos issue at the administration building…. Unqualified Maintenance Director (childhood friend of Mayor Christopher Getty) was given a job that he clearly isn’t qualified to do or he wouldn’t have risked everyones health by removing asbestos tiles without following proper procedures.
    – Cancelled Board meeting 7 hours before it was scheduled to happen because 5 of 7 board members could not make it to the meeting…. UMMMM you were elected to do a job! You changed the days of meetings from Mondays to Thursdays because that worked better for you. Schedule is done a year in advance so I can’t understand why 7 hours before you decide you can’t make it…. Makes me wonder what was more important. I hear there was a fundraiser for a political party in another town…. or was it because you were chickens? Many parents were planning on attending the meeting to get answers about safty issues listed above that weren’t handled properly…. Hmmmmm
    – No bills can get paid because Board meeting was cancelled…. 2 new employees were supposed to start work a few days later but can’t because the meeting was cancelled.
    – Meeting rescheduled? Probably not til AFTER elections because they don’t want to do the things they are planning before the election…. Why? Because if they do there will be a lot of ANGRY parents and they will risk losing votes.
    – Just keep wasting Money! Thats all they do! Create positions (Assistant Superintendent @ $1,000 a day) so we can hire our unqualified friends and family and pay them more money than qualified employees would make. Look around town I see a LOT of red signs and a rented firetruck driving around advertising for the red candidates…. Each LARGE RED sign costs $50….. there are 7 on the firetruck alone…. If you have so much money why don’t we have current textbooks or Laptops for every child?
    – Treating Teachers badly and making them teach in fear that they will be moved to a different grade or building next year. Our teachers are AMAZING and deserve so much better!

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