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    Hello Everyone. Mark here: 312.282.9516


    Early bird special: Book your tuneup before October 31st and save $15. GET THE FULL TUNEUP FOR ONLY $85 INSTEAD OF $100

    Before you try to start your machine, please clean out any old gas from the tank, pull the bowl off the bottom of your carburetor and clean it out, then put in FRESH gas from a clean gas can. Do not use gas that has been sitting around for more than a month or so.

    Two years ago I tuned up several dozen Snow Blowers for people in the area. But last year, as you remember there was very little snow. Most of your machines have been sitting in the garage or storage for two years without being started. If you left gas in them this whole time, it is critical that you follow the steps mentioned above. Otherwise you may be clogging your carburetor. Then you will need to give me a call!

    So it is getting cold again. Now is the time to start thinking about getting your machines ready for the winter. And my schedule is currently pretty open, so give me a call or a text and I’ll come over and take a look at your machine.

    I COME TO YOUR HOME for my standard snow blower service. This service is only $100 and it includes the following:

    1. Drain old gas
    2. Disassemble and remove old seals and gaskets from carburetor
    Clean the carburetor in an ultrasonic cleaning bath (So much better than just a can of carb cleaner!)
    Rebuild Carburetor and install new Carb Kit (seals, bowl needle, gaskets, jets, etc …)*
    3. Change the oil
    4. Install new fuel lines
    5. Install new spark plug

    Then I start it up … usually on the first pull.

    * Note: Many of the newer machines made today have China-made carburetors that do not have service kits. They have to be replaced. They use inferior components that start to corrode inside the carb and cause them to fail prematurely. If I have to replace one of these carburetors, I charge an extra $30 to cover replacement cost for any carburetor that costs up to $60. If the carburetor is more than $60 and has to be replaced, I will you contact first. No surprises here.

    Typically, if I find any small items that need tweaking or minor adjustment, I take care of that as well. These include things like belt tension adjustments, loose screw adjustment, clutch adjustment (when possible). If I have spare screws and bolts on my parts machines that you are missing, I put them in too. Other common add-ons at time of servicing include:

    New Pull-cord: $15
    Change the rubber paddles: Part cost plus $45 (It takes about an hour and a half)
    Install new auger belt: Part cost plus $20
    2-stage Auger AND drive belts: Part cost plus $30 for both or $20 for single belt
    Occasionally there is no spark. If I am already tuning up your machine, I just charge $20 plus part cost to put in a new coil or points and condenser. There again, I will tell you how much they cost before I buy them. (usually about $40, but range from $12 to $135 for ones I have done.) Sometimes people just don’t want to spend the money and I understand that. Especially if they are thinking of buying a new one soon.

    I also answer questions about your machine if I can. If you want to do it yourself, but you aren’t sure how to do it, give me a call. I’m happy to help out and answer your questions.

    Best regards, and do call or text if you need help.

    Thank you,

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