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“We thank you for allowing our events to appear on TownConnection.  I also appreciate how easy it is to use the site. Thanks for helping us to expand our reach in the community.  You’re doing a great job!”

“I like the ability to choose to drop into a discussion group.”

“It has been effective in letting residents know about the projects we’re working on. Attendance at our events has gone up thanks to you!”

“A great website, very easy and fun to use. This is a cool new (local) social networking site … combines the idea of Yahoo Groups, Free-cycle, Craigslist and a local news Forum and puts it all together in an easy to use site.”

“I like the ability to ask for recommendations and buy and sell things locally in a place other than Craigslist. I have already benefited from someone giving me a recommendation. I look at my email every day for a quick scan to see if there is anything of interest to me and almost every day, there is. Thanks for providing this forum!”

“I really like the fact that it is very well organized. In our busy lives, it’s fast and easy to find or look what you are looking for in a flash!”

“I really like it! Nice to know there are only residents are on the site. They are the ones who know and care about “our” town. Thanks for coming up with this site.”